Sun In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Fourth house :If the sun comes in yourfourth house.The structure of your body will be more like the moon. You will be very fair with a rounded face and roundish fat body. But if the sun does receive the auspiciousness of the moon. You will not be fair, with along face, and average height. Your palm will be roundish and you will have long fingers. And not very attractive eyes.

Nature: You will be helpful and filled with excitement. You would be passionate about going to hill stations and undertaking long distance travels. You will like continuous hard work and being impartial to others.

You will be an ambitious, highly educated person with a lot of self-pride. And will have all the material luxury and vehicles at your disposal. You will enjoy the inherited property from your parents.

Because of too much work you will not have a peaceful nature therefore you will always will be worried. You will not have stability in your thinking. You will put all your might and force in completing a task. If you are not successful you will get demotivated but you should not get demotivated rather you should give it a second try and you will see that you will have a grand success. You will not be staying at a particular place you will move from one destination to other both in and outside the country. You will be a proud and egotistic.

Academics and employment options : You will be educated in the field of art and finance. If you get the auspicious results of Jupiter as well you may become a good doctor as well. You can take up a job in army or police services. You can also get placed in a department which is linked to farming, selling fish or fruits and vegetables.

If you want to get in to business you should start business related to oil, or other liquid material like ghee and milk. You can benefit from Clothes, agriculture products, things related to ladies and exports of thread. If you will get in to a business which is not conventional it will turn out to be a profitable venture for you.

If you get in to a business which is related to Saturn with products like machinery, iron, or wood etc. you will have losses in such business.

You may get huge benefits by breeding horse, monkey, cow, buffalo, ox, elephant and ostrich.

Family Life: You will be an obedient child of your parents. You will have a lot of affection and love for your family. You will always be at the behest of your mother. Once you grow up you may have differences with your father. You may have differences of opinion but not differences in affection. You will respect your parents and teachers. You will have a decent married life. If you will be a miser or get in to the habit of saving every penny or rupee you will not be able to use the money saved. This will affect your children as well. But, your generations to come will definitely be a millionaire. You will be successful with the cooperation of your brothers and mother. You will have your own house, car and enjoy the togetherness of your family.

Health : You may suffer from heart problems, and problem of low blood pressure. You may also suffer from high fever, typhoid, bile problems, Heat stroke, brain diseases and boils on your face. You may also suffer from irritation and getting fidgety.

Inauspicious: If the sun becomes inauspicious or slows down its effect. Then, you may suffer losses in farming and business losses. You will always be frightened of getting robbed. Your mother may suffer from sugar, jaundice and blood pressure. You will not be successful at the place that you reside. You will stay away from your birth-place for work. You would have to change your residence frequently. You will be afraid of accidents road or other vehicle.
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