Sun In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in the fourth house is the annual/ yearly chart is on indication that there will be happiness and prosperity throughout the year. There will be special affection from mother/ aunty (mother’s sister). Guests will keep coming to your house throughout the year. Wealth, name & fame shall enhance. Journeys related to government works will be fruitful. Property/ land related issues which were not getting accomplished will get completed in this year.

But, if Sun posited in fourth house is conjuncted or aspected by malefies, your all works will get delayed & disturbed. There may be theft or lose of gold. The native should not expected child of birth in the family during that year, if Sun posited in fourth house is aspected either by Saturn posited in seventh house or any other malefic.

What not to do:-

1. Don’t accomplish any work for Saturn.
2. Don’t consume alcohol and non-veg food.
3. Don’t receive any item of electricity / Iron as gift from in- laws side.
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