Sun In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Ninth house – Since the sun is in your Ninth house you will have good body proportion. Wide forehead, good height, long nose and sparkling eyes. Besides being fair you will have an attractive and stylish look. You will have good looking front teeth. But the hair is not beautiful.

Nature – You will be ritualistic, mealy-mouthed, innocent looking and clean at heart. You will well placed socially and will not believe in showing off or using pomp and show. You will wear simple clothes. You will respect everyone and will obey your elders and teachers. You will respect the ladies and will be liked by them. You will be religious. It will not be easy for people to know about your strengths and weaknesses.

You are very open and you would do complete all your work with honesty. You will not bow down to anyone’s pressures. You will be thankful to everyone. You will never reveal the secrets. Therefore everyone will trust you.

Because of the sun in the ninth house you may become a little careless that is you will not put in the hard work on the task assigned to you. Still sun will favour you. This is because here the sun on its own is very powerful.

Academics and employment options – Because of the sun in the ninth house the first auspicious result of all the result is that you will be successful by just putting little efforts. Besides this you will receive benefits from government in some form or the other during your life-time or you will move to an influential position in your life.

Sun is the reason of respect and highly placed people. Therefore, you will benefit from people who are well placed. You may also get a prestigious award by a foreign government or land.

Sun in the ninth house will make you highly ambitious. You can get into religious work, or work as a teacher, doctor, pilot, driver, an officer and can profit from banking services.

Important – If you are in a partnership business then you should get in to the partnership business with caution and care and should not trust your partner completely. Otherwise you will be unsuccessful.

Family Life – Because of the presence of sun in the ninth house you will have a good upbringing and long life. You will have too many members in your pedigree and you will help all your family members. Your family members will also be successful during their life.

You wife will be a religious lady. She will be responsible and compassionate. Your wife’s health could be a reason for your tensions. She will take good care of all the family members including your parents.

You will definitely have a male child. And all your sons and daughter will be intelligent and ritualistic. You will have a good name in the society because of them. But your son will not get along well with your father-in-law or your brother-in-law.

Health – There are chances that you may suffer from stomach problems, paralysis, and diseases related to lungs. You may also have a weak eye sight or eye troubles. Your wife may suffer from womb and other related problems. You may also suffer from gastro-entities and hernia.

Inauspicious – if your sun gets weak or inauspicious you will disrespect your elders, lie, will conspire, apply tricks to get name and fame and will get in to all sorts of unethical practices to get the desired position. You will use the religious fund for your personal use.

You may get in to an altercation with your brothers. And you can get imprisoned for property and wealth related disputes. There will be a court case filed against you.

Because of the inauspicious Sun you will get rid of a problem. And another problem will start knocking on you. You will not have any special achievement in life. You will face a lot of difficulty at your work place. People whom you consider as your own will start opposing you.
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