Sun In Ninth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in ninth house in annual/ yearly chart gives a happy & tension free life during that year. The mental stability of the native gets enhanced. Such a person might be appointed on a higher post in a religious organization. The enemies won’t be able to stand against such person. There will be all round happiness and one attain victory in all endeavors one gets blessing from fathers and Guru/teacher. There will be enhancement in knowledge, one takes interest in new subjects. One’s father will also get benefits from land/ property.

If the same Sun is aspected orconjuncted by the malefic planets. One’s eyes get affected. There may be debts in the family. The native will stay away from birth place in an alian land and lead a struggleful life. Conflicts with fathers, loss in travel or difference of opinions with sister/ brother in-laws are likely.
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