Sun In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Second house : Since the sun is in your second house you will neither have a too dark nor too fair a complexion. You will be able to attract others. You will be average looking when it comes to face. You will have a decent behaviour. You will have a fat body. Your hands will be small and your palms will be pulpy. You will have a short trunk and long legs.

Nature : You will be a donor by nature. You will have a lot of confidence. You will complete every work that you take up. You will be a skilled orator. You will be good negotiator and will be able to convince others to do what you want. But you will not be able to use the power of your brain to its potential. Trusting anyone with a blind eye will harm you. Others will take advantage of your innocence. You will follow the religion. You will full of superstitions. You will go all out to engage in religious activities. .

Your advice will work well for others but not for you. Therefore you should consult or wife or elders before doing anything. .

Academics and employment options : You will have an average education. You will not be a very good student but will be an average grader. You will have good mathematical concepts. You will complete your studies with commerce as your subject. .

You will have strong technical side. You will be able to operate and work on computers specially the hardware aspect. You will have a skill which will help you to earn your livelihood. .

Since sun is in your second house you will not be able to save money. You will not benefit from insurance. If you work or invest in any insurance or policy you will suffer losses. If you engage in lending money to others on interest the lender will either run away or die. This will result in financial losses. .

You will engage in earning money right from your childhood days. But you will get success only after 28 yrs. of your age. You will switch and swap to different kind of businesses. And if you are in job there are chances that you will switch over to different jobs. You can engage in religious activities, financial advisory, jobs related to government machinery, and revenue department and profit from undertaking technical activities. .

Family Life: Sun in second house will help you to have a decent family life. You will have the company of your mother and sister. It is very difficult to find a brother for people who have sun in the second house. Even if they have a brother they are generally away from their brother. Your father’s good times or fortunate times would have started after your birth. You will have many friends but during the bad times it will only be your sisters and father who will standby you. Your father will have a lot of sisters too. And you will get a lot of love and affection from them. You will get married either very early or very late. You will get married either at age of 20-24 or 34-36. Your favorable times will start after marriage. Your wife will be in job. And share all the responsibilities with you. She will not get along with family members very well. .

Health : You will be in good health. You will be obese and will have difficulty in walking. You will suffer frequently with fever, cold and cough. You may also suffer from eye problems. You may also suffer from gastro entities, stomach pain and indigestion. You will suffer from neck pain. You may even suffer from burns and burning sensations. .

Inauspicious: If the sun has a negative influence or has an impact of the opposing planets or has a low impact because of any other reason you will be unsuccessful at anything that you engage in. You will have loss in business time and again. You will be dependent on your father. Your wife and sister will have differences. Number of female members in the house will go down. Your wife will not be keeping well or because of you getting suspicious your family life may get ruined. You will face financial hardships. You will spend exorbitantly to show off or on friends. You will never benefit from insurance.
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