Sun In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Seventh house – Since the sun is in your seventh house. You will have round and radiant face with a very attractive skin color. Your physical features will have a very distinct feature and that is your feet will be slightly bent from its curve. And the knees appearing a little protrude. Your physical features attract the women folks towards you. And you will become very muscular after marriage.

Nature – You will have a peace loving and firm nature. You will not like criticism for your work. There will be times when you will be very angry and it will very difficult to calm you down. For a bright feature you need to have very good temperament.

You will be an intellectual. You will be gifted with foresightedness. Your dreams will turn out to be a reality most of the time. It will be established facts that you will have divine powers unto you.

Because of the sun in your seventh house you will always have a false self-pride which will more than what it should be and it is because of this that you will not be hugely successful. But there are chances of you being recognized in some special fields.

Academics and employment options – During your life-time you will not pay too much importance to hindrances and stoppages. You will get over them with hard-work and courage. You will have the intellect and skills to complete any assigned task.

You will benefit from activities like goldsmithery, chemist and travel agency. You can be a good actor or play artist.

You can work responsibly on positions like banking and religious business. Math or teaching or can work as an editor. You may be successful in businesses of home decorations, perfumes and scents and things related to majesty.

You may succeed in politics as well. You will be able to achieve some dignified position. You may also get placed in a government services like Animal husbandry or forest department. You may also take up work related to hospital.

You may also be in business in a foreign land. This foreign land will be the place where sun rises first in the world. You will be able to do business with countries which has a lot of greenery.

Family Life – Because of the sun in your seventh house you will enjoy the company of your parents. You may be the eldest in the family. You will take care of everyone. But you will be under fire from your family members because of your passion for going on journeys and undertaking trips. Because of the sun in the seventh house your father’s sister will have to face an inauspicious time after your birth or on her family’s finances.

It will not have a good effect on your married life. You will have a lot of differences with your wife and slowly your wife will have an upper hand and towards the end of it you will become a slave to your wife to keep her happy. You will be able to get away from the family tensions and altercations but you will have a mental tension. You should get over the differences with your wife by sitting and talking over the matter. Otherwise your family will be ruined or shattered. You will also have differences with your family or may not enjoy the relationship with them.

Health – Generally because of the sun in the seventh house you will be healthy. But your wife may remain sick. In your youth, you will have the fear of breaking your bones. If the sun becomes inauspicious you will suffer from problems related to your sexual organs, spinal cord, infectious diseases, mescals, and dengue etc. There are chances that your wife may suffer from problems related to her womb.

Inauspicious – If the sun becomes weak this can make you insane or can put you in the company of characterless friends who will get you in troubles. You will not be in the company of good people. You will start using bad languages and get in to bad habits. You may either get used to drugs or may remain in pain because of the problems related to your sexual organs. You will have affairs with many women. You will waste your money on them. You will face many bad events in your life but you will not learn from them and whosoever would try and you will consider everybody as your enemy who will help you understand and overcome them.

Because of the inauspicious sun you will not be able to complete your education. You will have to bear financial damages in business as well. And if you get in to a partnership business with somebody from the opposite sex you will face heavy losses.
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