Sun In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Sixth house : Since the sun is in the sixth house you will not have a very attractive body. You will be emaciated. There are chances of you breaking your front teeth during your childhood. You will be relatively dark, with not so sharp features. With an average height and body. Everything put together you will be average looking.

Nature : You will have a bad temperamental nature. People whose sun lie in this house is said to be an angry and uncaring person. You will not bear injustice done to anyone. You will look at everyone with an impartial eye. You will raise your voice against atrocity.

You will have a lot of enemies. This is because sixth house is related to enemies. But you will always win over your enemies. You will have to face big and small enemies all throughout your life. It is generally seen that your enemies will not belong to a high class family or society.

You will be satisfied with your destiny. You will not bother about the wealth and money to a larger extent. You will always be extravagant and you will spend your money on friends and family without thinking too much about finances. Because, of this you will have to suffer damages.

Academics and employment options : Since the sun is in the sixth house you will benefit from land and property deals. And it also helps you in undertaking scientific research successfully. Besides this sun also has contribution to fields like interior decoration and design. For you your pen will be mightier than sword. You can also work as an editor or writer.

You can also be a member of the municipal corporation or the sun can take you to a good position at district or board level. And at times your kind of people undertakes such activities which help in providing justice to others or helps in providing resolution.

You will also be blessed with vehicles and you will have the might as well.

Family Life: Sun is not good for your mother’s brother and her sister in law. This will bring a lot of problems in their life. This is inauspicious for them. You will be able to support and run your family with ease. You will have an enjoyable family life.

Your birth will either take place at your mother’s house or out of your ancestral house. Your family’s financial condition may not be too good but after your birth things will improve.

Since the sun is in the sixth house you will get the love and affection of your father but you will not receive any financial help or inherit any property.

Your mother will be in very good health. Your brothers will consider you as an enemy. It is generally seen that your own family members are your enemies. The family members generally show a lot of sympathy but will always try to back stab and talk ill about you in your absence.

Health : You will suffer from high blood pressure. Your health will have its impact on your work as well. You will have indigestion problem and it is because of this that you will have lever problems. You may get infections in the lower part of your body that is below the stomach and skin problems. If the sun starts giving inauspicious results you will have problems like fits, mescals, cough, air infection, bile, hysteria and deafness.

Inauspicious: If the sun is looked at by opposing and enemy planets then the sun will start giving adverse results. Because of which you will have physical weakness and you will not be able to complete your work on time. You will have children who by birth will have weak eyesight or will be deaf. You will not be accepted by anyone and hence have to move from pillar to post. You will have some problems from the king’s house. There will be allegations by the government bodies. You may also get entangled in a legal battle for land deal. You will not get along with your wife. Because of the difference in opinion you have separation from your wife or you may file for a divorce. Before taking the step for a second marriage you should understand that you should compromise and that will get you ahead in your family life.
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