Sun In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in sixth house in annual chart gives a spend thrift attitude. Sun in sixth house makes the native aggressive like ball of fire, But it bestows the native with good health, & both physically & mentally. There will be financial gains in business related to land/ property. If the native has interest in politics, success in this field is likely in this year. Foreign travel/ foreigners both will be fruitful. Enemies can’t stand against you if you are a part of litigation . There will be chances of winning the trial.

But, Six house Sun if aspected or conjuncted by malefies, gets spoiled, and the results will be contrary mentioned above. The litigation might be thrust on him/her. There will be hurdles in all accomplishments. Diseases like- Asthma, Blood pressure might trouble & he may be incurred under heavy debts.
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