Sun In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Tenth house – Since the sun is in your Tenth house you will have an attractive personality. You will have an average height and will not be very fair. During your childhood you will be lean and thin but by the mid years of your life you will become broad and strong. Your eyes will be light brown in color with ocean like view and the capacity to suddenly attract others. You will have a flat foot. And the voice will have a roar.

Nature – You will be a quiet and peace loving person. But once you get angry and it will be very difficult to control your temper. You will have fiery speech. You will not be in a position to make quick decisions. This does not mean that you will not be able to take decisions but you will make your decisions after weighing options and understanding things. You will be passionate for good and tasty food. You will like eating both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. You will consume alcohol as well. You will have an impartial opinion. You will help the poor and trust everyone blindly because of which you will suffer losses as well.

Your conduct will be pure and dignified. You will successfully complete the task that you have undertaken with hard work and labour. Because of the sun your mind will be superstitious about some situation or about a person.

Academics and employment options – Sun in the tenth house is a reason for knowledge. You will have a special talent or intelligence. Therefore you will be an intellectual. You will be able to earn wealth with your intelligence but it is not compulsory that you will have savings or bank balance. You will enjoy riding car, scooter or any other vehicle. Because of the sun in the tenth house you will be interested in academic work as well. And if you are working as teacher/principal it will be a suitable job for you. You will be successful in politics and government services.

You will benefit from technical and financial work. You can also engage in activities related to hotel, clothes, land and vehicles.

Family Life –You will take care of all your family members and loved ones. You will be more close to your mother. You will obey your parents. You will have very good relationship with your relatives and friends.

Your wife will have a playful nature. She will also have a clever nature. Instead of having a loving and caring nature she will have a mean and selfish outlook and will always try and she her benefits in things. It is because of this that your wife and mother will not get along with each other.

You will have good relationship with your in-laws but you will not get any financial assistance from them. You will get the cooperation and solace from your son’s.

Health – Because of the sun in the tenth house you will be in good health. Sometime you may suffer from seasonal flue etc. or there are chances that you will get hurt during games or sports. But even that will get cured very fast.

Inauspicious – if your sun gets inauspicious or is under the influence of enemy planets. Then it will not allow you to get the affection of your father and it will also create differences in opinion with your father. You will not obey your father till the time he is alive. But after his death you will only repent for not obeying and working on his suggestion. Despite having your mother you will stay away from her after your marriage. Your daughter, sister and father’s sister may also be sad because of your wife. Your relatives will not cooperate and people whom you consider close will appear to be indifferent or act as strangers.

Despite putting in the hard work you will not be able to do your business and will change over from one trade to another frequently. You will have to bear financial losses and if you get in to a partnership the partner will commit a financial fraud or siphon you off.

You will suffer from problems related to your knee and calf muscle pain. You can even get paralyzed or may suffer from heart attack. You should always take precautions to be healthy.

The sign of inauspicious in the tenth house is that after your father’s death you will not get assistance from your relatives and friends. You will be forlorn and helpless and you will just remember your father and cry.
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