Sun In Tenth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Sun in tenth house is considered very auspicious as it attains all powers in this house. But the native becomes psychic too. One gets benefits and prospers in this year. Government related works get accomplished. The will be happiness through vehicles. Show pieces, clothes are beneficial too. Co-operation and support from the father/ senior person is likely.

If, Sun posited in Tenth house is conjuneted or aspected by malefic planets there may be one or other tension keep troubling through out the year. Doing any pooja propitiation for Saturn would be harmful. If Moon is posited in fifth house in the yearly chart, One’s mother or oneself might get threatens to life. There will be separation / distances or difference of opinions with father. The native may face inauspicious results if he/ she exaggerate short coming / tensions in front of others or beg their help.
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