Sun In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the third house : Since the sun is in your third house you will be tall and slim. You will not be fair. Your eyes will be small and bear a tired look. You will have big and flat feet. Your nose will be big and parrot like. The knuckle of your finger will be thick and strong. Your face will look pale and bear a tired look.

Nature : You will be courageous, with knowledge about human behaviour, affectionate and compassionate. You will be excellent in terms of knowledge and fitness. You will have the quality to mould yourself according to the prevailing situation and understand and act according to the prevailing circumstances. You would not have the patience and will always be in tension but you will always look forward to change and progress. You will be bright at mental activities. Your will power will not be strong. You will have good composure and decision making skills. You will have interest in religion and ontology. You will be able to get everybody’s affection. You will always be upfront in taking part in social festivals and occasion. You will have a vehement nature. You may get charged up and calm within no time. Since your sun is in the third house you will be successful at creative tasks. For e.g. creative writing, illustration and painting or things of this kind.

Academics and employment options : You will study till whatever level you want to study. You will not have interruptions in your studies. Even, if your mother or father will not be able to afford the expenses of your education you will complete your education with favours and help of others. You will have good technical knowledge. You will also have knowledge about languages.

You will benefit by engaging into activities like illustrations, writing, travels, English teacher, editor of a newspaper, Things related short distance travels, chemical engineering, studying Vedas, foreign ambassador, Head of the military, librarian and astrology etc. If you engage in two different activities you will get good results from both these activities. You should work simultaneously on a business and also work as a specialist on things that you are skilled at so, that you do not have any financial problems. If you put your heart and soul to any task you will certainly be successful. Because of the presence of sun in this house you will have a respectable and royal life. You will not be deprived of any material possessions.

Family Life: Because of the presence of sun in your third house you will have a peaceful and satisfied life. You will share a special bond with your mother. Your father will be a religious and famous person. Your father will have a stern nature. It is because of this that you will always be distanced from your father.

You will not engage in activity which will bring bad name to your family. But you will face a lot of problems because of the influence of women in your life. You will not have a very good relationship with your brother but you will always have the support of your friends. Because of the presence of sun in the third house beautiful women will always be attracted towards you. You will not enjoy the inherited property or there will be no property. You will have the luxury of travelling in vehicles.

You may have a love affair. But there is no guarantee that you will also be married to your lover. Your wife can be from the family of known people. Your wife will be a good housewife. You will have your baby on time and they will be genius.

Health : You will have bile, gastro entities and indigestion problems. You may suffer from knee injury, leg pain, cold, fever, ear pain and problems in the spinal cord. Or it could pain in arms as well. Therefore you should never neglect your physical or health problems.

Inauspicious: If the sun becomes inauspicious or slows down its effect. Then, your friends will be the first ones to commit a fraud. Friends will do the buttering and take advantage. If you give money on credit to them you will never get your money back.

You will have to bear damages and punishment by government bodies. You may get imprisoned as well. If you do not have good moral character or if you will have relationship with too many women you will never see good times in your life. You will always face financial crunch. You will not inherit any wealth from your parents and grandparents. Having an extra-marital affair will bring bad name and ruin your life. All your brothers and sister will oppose you. There will be situations many a time where your house and shop will be put up for sales. You will suffer losses because of travels.
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