Sun In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Sun in the Twelfth house – Since the sun is in your Twelfth house you will have an average body and will not be very fair. But you will have a weak body. You may be anemic. You will be a lazy person and fun loving person.

Nature – You will lack will power therefore you will not be able to complete any task with dedication. You will always be doubtful and will always be laid back in your work and will not have any grand success in life.

You will generally be passionate about undertaking travel but travels will put in a lot of pain and sufferings. Because of the sun in this house there will be a change in the religion that you follow. And in the true sense you will not have any belief in religion. And this is the reason that you will not have a good destiny during your life-time.

You will not be interested in working for any social cause which may benefit the society. To a larger extent you will only try to see what’s coming your way and what is in your interest. There are a lot of times when it is seen that people of your kind are would stand against the society. Instead of being a help to the society there is a tendency to create obstacle in the good work which will benefit the society. You will be an extremely angry person by nature.

Academics and employment options – Since the sun falls in this zone you will not be a very wealthy person. You will not be dedicated and hard working. It is because of this that whatever work that you would undertake will not complete it. Whether it’s a job or business you will not work in them for a long time you will lose interest in them therefore, look for change. It will be very hard for you to save money.

You will not benefit from a government job. You may become successful in things which are old or traditional or if you work for a hospital on a low rank you will be able to earn your livelihood. Besides this, you may get success with things related to electricity.

You will not be successful in politics this is because you will not be able to win over the trust and confidence of the people. In totality you will face financial problems all your life.

Family Life– You will have tension with your uncles. What that means is you will not have good relations with them. You will have many enemies who will create problems in your life.

You will not get along with your father. What that means is you will behave like an enemy with your father. You will be dull minded and therefore you will be in the company of crooks and will waste all your wealth to help them. Friends, who give you good suggestions, will be your foe and the ones who will give you bad suggestion will appear to be good friends in your life.

You will not have a happy family life. You will either get married very early or very late in life. Because of your mean thinking and low intellect you will not get along with your family members. Nobody will have respect and regard for you. Your family members will be your enemy.

Health – Because of the sun in the twelfth house you will have suffer from eye infections. You may have disfigurement in your body or may suffer from problems related to veins. There are chances of you suffering from mental problems.

Inauspicious– Sun generally in the twelfth house has a bad bearing. Even if some of the planets are giving auspicious result it will turn them all negative. You will not be successful in any field and will not be able to complete your education. You will not stick to your job nor will you be able to do the business. You will be alleged to have committed a financial fraud. You may also be alleged and detained for stealing and robbery. You will have relationship with character-less women which will only get you defamed.

Because of the anti-social work you may not even be considered as a part of the society.
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