Sun In Twelfth House (Annual Predictions)

The positions of Sun in the twelfth house in the yearly / annual chart is not considered auspicious. As Sun posited in this house motivates the native to take other’s troubles on one’s shoulders. If the same native is careful, Sun in 12th house can be beneficial to him/ her too. The enemies won’t get activated. One will get benefits from the foreign land/ or through hospital related works.

The native would like loneliness/ isolation. Handicrafts etc works will also be beneficial. The business will grow if Mercury planet is worshipped.

If Sun posited in 12th house is aspected or canjuneted by malefics, it also becomes malefic. And afflicted Sun may affect the eyesight of the native. The native might incurr loses at foreign land. One might be involved in theft/ bribe or forgery. Betrayal and deceit is also faced.
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