Venus In Eighth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Eighth House – Because of Venus in your eighth houses your body and face will lack attractiveness in some form or the other. Nature– Your nature will be cantankerous and impolite. You will start fighting on trivial matters and therefore you would have to face many enemies. But because of the Venus in your eighth house you will not have any problems from your enemies.

You would like to engage in practice and studies of occult. But in spite of all the knowledge and magic you would not want to harm anybody else. Rather, you would like to ensure that people benefit from the knowledge and tricks that you have acquired. .

Education and Career–You will very good at studies. And you will receive the form of education which will get you good earning in your life. .

You may work for either of the departments like Police, Detective agency, enquiry, as part of fire services team, sanitation and hygiene, Hair dresser, Office of death registration, Insurance agent etc. .

You will have not of problems in earning wealth. In the age between 25-27 yrs you will not have stability in income. .

Family Life - Venus in the eighth house sees the other house with the seventh house and therefore you will not have good relationship with your relatives and will always have differences with them. You family members will also not co-operate happily with you. Because of the Venus in the eighth house you will not get anything from your mother. .

Because of Venus in your eighth house you wife will be a little strict in nature. Whatever your wife would say about others which are either good or bad will all turn out to be true. .

Health – Eighth house in the horoscope is the house of death. And if the Venus is in the eighth house of a person’s horoscope, it is very important that you should be very careful in giving any advice to such people about their age and death. You may suffer from some form of diseases but you would long life. .

You can have problems in your private parts like piles, low semen count etc. your wife may suffer from problems like abortion and disturbance in monthly periods. .

Inauspicious -Because of the inauspicious Venus you and your wife will turn aggressive in nature. You will not have a friendly nature. Your speech will turn cruel. You will turn very lethargic. Despite your wife’s presence if you get in to a relationship with girls of lesser age will damage your social and financial status. .

Because of the inauspicious Venus your father will leave you with a huge burden of debt which you would have to clear during your lifetime. You will have a spoilt family life.
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