Venus In Eleventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in your eleventh house – If venus falls in your eleventh house you will tall beautiful/handsome and attractive looking. You will have a weatish complexion. You will be the center of attraction for everybody around.

Nature- You will be jolly natured and will keep everybody engaged with your lively conversations. You will largely be successful in your life because, you are endowed with special powers of speech and mental capacity.

You will have the habit of working quietly and secretively. But, at same time you will also be able to share your opinion with others.

You will be wealthy, modest, and truthful filled with virtues. You will have the energy, enthusiasm, radiance and the virility. You would like to possess everything which is available in the market. You will be strong willed and have good moral character.

Education and Career- You will be will educated. You can be a teacher, bank employee, or can be related to a religious institution. You can even become a publisher or a writer.

You have the ability to make good amount of money through your intelligence, hard work and smartness. You will definitely have problems coming your way but you will make your way across all such problems through your intelligence and smartness.

You can make good profits by engaging in business of vehicles, cosmetics, beauty products and beauty services, branded designer clothes, precious stones, shares in stock markets. You will be fond of music, dance and singing and you can even make money by learning any of these art forms.

Family Life– You can work equally well on both domestic and professional work. Liking for your spouse will increase as you become older and this will result in you having a happy life ahead.

You will have a lot of girl child in your family and there are very less chances of you being blessed with a male child. You will have more girl child in your family as compared to a male child. You will have a lot of friends and your friends from the opposite sex will outnumber that from the same sex. Your friends will all be well placed and they will help you to do well in life.

Your good and favourable times will start after marriage and you will have wealth gain as well.

Health – You will have problems in your thighs, you may suffer from problems like masturbation or may suffer from any kind of sexual problems.

Inauspicious – Because of the inauspicious venus you will have problems in higher studies. You may get married very early in your life which will be a hindrance at every step and you will not have a happy marriage.

You will have altercation with your wife and you may also have problems in having children. You will not be able to establish your business. You will switch businesses very often. And if your employed you will not be happy with your position.

You will have interest in different subjects. You will spend more than you’re earning. You or your wife may suffer from problems like cancer, AIDS, or there are chances of you being infected with sexually transmitted diseases.
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