Venus In Fifth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Fifth House– Because of Venus in your fifth house you will have good character, bulky body and will not be fair complexioned.

Nature – You would want to be completely independent. No matter how famous you would become but still you would not have a pleasant demeanor. You will have the powers of healing others problems without even they telling you about the same. Therefore you would help others without even others approaching you for help. You will be good at talking and love travelling.

You will love to enjoy fashion and worldly pleasures of life. You would love watching theater and films.

You will be very lusty and intelligent. You would be ontologically inclined to females.

You would lack for forbearance and patience. Either you will have a very temper or may not have any temper at all. You will be very thoughtful and will conduct yourself well at all times.

Education and Career– Fifth house is the house of education. Therefore Venus in the fifth house will have good impact on the fifth house. You will have the powers to create something new from your knowledge. Even if you do not write or do things on your own you will still have a lot of interest in Writing, Poetry and craft.

You will not like to remain tied to any post or position. It is because of this that you would not be able to get any post or position where you have to be report to anybody else. In spite of being in a job you would not flatter your reporting heads or manager. It is because of this reason that you would not be able to receive any favours from them. You will not tolerate anything which is illegal or help anyone doing anything illegal.

Family Life – You will have a good married life. You will have good wife and children who will keep you happy all your life. You will not get married to your lover if you happen to get married to your lover you will face one problem after the other. You should not get into a love marriage without the consent of your parents.

Venus in the fifth house is considered to be auspicious for family filled with children. You will not have any problem relating to bearing a child. You are most likely to have girl child in your family.

Health– You will have a good health. But you may have problems related to tooth, stomach or could suffer from sugar problem.

Inauspicious– Because of the inauspicious Venus in the fifth house you may turn ascetic or saint and this will have impact on your earning potential.

If you get involved in illicit relationship it will ruin your destiny. If you get in to love marriage without the consent of your parents it will have a bad impact on your children and you will not be able to enjoy the company of your children as well. If you have relationship with unmarried girls your family life will get ruined. It will also have a bad impact on your wife’s health as well. Your child may even face an abortion.
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