Venus In First House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the first house– If Venus is the first house of your horoscope. You will be very beautiful and attractive. You will have sharp features and your body will have a good shape. You will have a good balanced body that means you will not be too fat or too skinny. And you will not be short heighted too.

Nature – Because of Venus in the lagna you will be friendly. And you will have big circle of friends. You will be clean at heart. Neither you would have any malice against anyone nor will anyone have any malice against you. You will always extend a helping hand to fulfill the needs of others both financially or otherwise.

Because of Venus in the lagna you will be religious, pious and intelligent. You will have purity in your conscience. You will have the highest regards for all religious saints, priests and other people who are linked to religion in some form or the other.

Education and Career – You will love arts and different art forms, you will receive more education than an average man. You will study the shastras.

Because ofVenus in lagna you will have special interest in poetry, painting, interior decoration and designing, fashion designing and literature. You may also make a career in any of these art forms.

If you will engage yourself in business related to readymade garments (wholesale or retail), branded or non-branded, foreign goods, home decoration goods it will get you good returns/profits

If you work hard in the fields of theatre, acting, or dancing you can establish yourself in these fields as well.

Family Life – Becauseof Venusin the lagna you will get the affection of your father and mother. You are also likely to succeed if you have a love affair. And if you do not have a love affair you will always have a loving relationship with your wife. You will always praise and respect your wife. As a matter of fact you will have good married life because of Venus in lagna. You may have difficulty in giving birth to your child. If you will get married before the age of 27 you may also have your own vehicle.

Health– If Venus is being looked at by opposing or enemy planets then you may suffer from problems related to eye or skin infection. If you frequently suffer from urine infection or headaches, these could be signs of an inauspicious Venus.

Inauspicious – If Venus becomes inauspicious it will start giving you physical problem right from your childhood. You will not be able to walk straight that means you will have problems in

your lower limbs. Once you start growing up you will have skin pigmentation as well. Despite all the efforts that you will put in academics the results will not be commensurate with it and your expectation.

You will not be friendly in your approach and you will always be distracted and start having a contentious approach to others.

Because of the inauspicious Venus it will not have a good impact on your wife and there will always be some problem or the other in your married life. If you will have extra-marital relationship your fate will be ruined.

From your wife’s health point of view, this will have a bad impact and may lead to some kind of a mental problem for her.

If it is highly inauspiciousnessthis will lead to problems in giving birth to a child or the couple may have major disagreements because of which they may start living separately.
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