Venus In First House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Venus in first house of annual chart enhances physical attributes of the native. Native’s personality will be outstanding and can be noticed among the thousand of person. He will enjoy good food and company of cheerful ladies who will provide their especial support to the native. Health will improve, and he/she will buy a bigger & beautiful luxurious white color car in that year. One may join some educational course to enhance knowledge. There will be auspicious ceremonies at home and many pleasant surprises will be received throughout the year. Conversational language will be sweet & one will achieve financial success. If Venus is auspicious it will be similar like ‘Kamdhenu’ (wish granting divine cow).

If Venus is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets the same results will get reversed. The native will have extra marital relations which may spoil marital happiness, the life will get disturbed. The relations between mother & wife will be strained. Health of mother or wife will get affected. Due to the influence by a woman in business Native could suffer financial losses, and find it difficult to execute new business plans in that year.

To ward off the malefic influences & enhance the goodness of Venus one must fallow these precautions & remedial measures.
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