Venus In Fourth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in your fourth house–If Venus falls in your fourth house you will be beautiful and attractive. As compared to others in the family you will not be very tall but you would be comparatively delicate and soft.

Nature– You will have a miserly nature. You will sweet talk someone to accomplish your task. You will not help others unless you see something favorable for yourself. You will not have the heart to make quick decisions and whatever decision that you would take being stubborn will always act against you.

You will be a stubborn person with lot of attitude. You will always feel right about your own opinions and viewpoints even if you have to repent later for not considering others opinion or viewpoints in your decision making. You would have to pay for your stubbornness.

You will be a religious person and will go by the customs and traditions but you will follow them only as much as you can with minimum time and spending.

You will be weak hearted. You would engage in big talks and portray yourself as courageous but with slight unusualness you will get frightened. But you will be sensitive to human beings and their feelings.

Education and Career – You will be an educated person. You can engage in activities related to economics and financial aspects of a state (Arthshastras) like any form of art, dance, Vedas, mantra, catering, automobile engineering, petroleum, perfumed products, and perfumes.

You will be an intelligent person filled with knowledge of science and different form of arts.

You will make lots of profits if you engage in activities related to flowers.

Family Life– You will enjoy owning your land, house and the company of your mother. You will enjoy these but there will be some thing or the other that you would be deprived off which will keep bothering you. And you will not be fully satisfied.

Venus in the fourth house mirrors the state of your heart and therefore it is not very fruitful. You will be indebted to your mother and therefore will take very good care of her. But after marriage your wife will not take care of your mother and therefore they will have differences with each other and there will be an unfriendly atmosphere and frequent fights between them which will push you into choosing one of them over the other.

An auspicious Venus will always keep you happy and will be the reason for a good family life. You will have all the luxurious items like television, fridge etc. in your house. You house will be attractive and decorated even if it is small. There will be someone or the other living in the house from your wife’s family. You will get a home loan easily.

Health– You will not have any serious health issues. But if the other planets start opposing the Venus you may have stomach or urine related problems.

Inauspicious– If Venus is weak in its capacity then you would have problems related to your household. Your family life will get ruined even before it is established. There are chances of you getting married twice. You will have differences with your wife for some reason or the other all your life. Both of you will make mountain out of molehill. You may have problems at the job front as well. You may change jobs frequently but it will not work to your advantage.

If you have built your house after getting a well-covered in that case either you will not have your own children or if you have one you will not be able to enjoy their company. You may also get addicted to drugs or be involved in drug abuse.
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