Venus In Fourth House (Annual Predictions)

When Venus is positioned in fourth house of annual chart one’s feeling for helping & serving others is increased. One gets happiness through the vehicle. One is able to accomplish many pending works in that year. The native buys Landed property and enhances his status in the society. Children bring happiness for the native. One finds new opportunities in education field. Rewards, awards, promotion & family prosperity all are received by the native. Many auspicious changes take place in that year. One gets benefit in business related to cosmetics, perfumes, beverages and ladies items. On the whole, auspicious Venus brings happiness throughout the year.

If Venus is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it will spoil one’s routine work. The native will feel lack of energy & dissatisfaction in sex. There maybe many diseases in the body which will trouble the native. Secret enemies will become active & harm the native. Loss of wealth, frequent disorders in vehicle will be faced. One’s wife will be diseased. Relations with the maternal uncle will get strained. Distances with your mother will also be a possibility. The native will be mentally tensed up due to loss of wealth as well.

To ward off the malefic influences & enhance the goodness of Venus one must fallow these precautions & remedial measures.
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