Venus In Ninth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Ninth House – If Venus is the ninth house you would have an average or medium height. You would have a roundish face, long nose, brown in colour, with the eye similar to that of a cat which will be a major attraction for everyone. You will have a special odor in your body.

Nature– You will have a friendly and smiling nature. You will be a sweet talker and love undertaking journeys. You will be courteous with very good temperament and will have great knowledge of different form of art. You would be generous at heart and like to donate. You would like to organize religious ceremony. You will have a special quality and i.e. you will not consider anybody to be inferior or less capable and therefore you will regard everyone around you. Talking about your qualities and accomplishment will be your weakness. You would have a habit of taking up others problems on your head right from your childhood. You will help others before they approach you. You would love wearing good cloths. All luxurious items will be close to you. .

You will have complete acceptance of religion and will be an ardent follower of religion. You will lead a dual life which is during the day you will have complete saintly form and at night you will be devilish enjoying drinks etc. You will be in problem because of your lust. Buying new electronic products will be your habit. .

Education and Career–You will not like to remain tied to any post or position. It is because of this that you would not be able to get any post or position where you have to be report to anybody else. In spite of being in a job you would not flatter your reporting heads or manager. It is because of this reason that you would not be able to receive any favours from them. .

You will not benefit from others rather; others will treat you as a ladder for moving up the hierarchy. But people who have treated you like a ladder will repent some day for sure. There will be changes in the work that you would engage in. These changes will happen possibly in the age group of 22, 27, 30, 32, 3537 and 44 yrs. But you would get success after the age of 45 yrs. only. .

Your engagement in activities related to farming, religious activities and ceremony, singing, poetry, perfumes, items of home decoration, flowers, jewelry, silk cloths and automobile will be auspicious for you. .

Family Life– You will have a good married life. Your wife and children will be very cooperative and you will enjoy their presence in life. There are good chances of you getting in to a love marriage. Your wife will be more courageous and bold unlike you. You will have complete support and cooperation from your parents. Your children will be very obedient. You will know the art of convincing your family members and relatives for anything that you would want their support for. .

Your relationship with your neighbors will just be fine. You would love your siblings. Your brothers and sisters will also have high regards for you. You would lead your life away from your family members or place of birth. .

Health – you will be in good health. But there are chances that you would have problems related to stomach, patches on the feet, pain in the fingers, sugar, blood pressure or burning sensation in the paws. .

Inauspicious – If Venus becomes inauspicious or is surrounded by opposing planets then it will minimize its impact. You will not have a stable profession. No matter how rich you would be but you would have to earn for daily bread. If you lend money to others you will never get it back. Because of a friend or relative you will spoil your family life. Your wife will remain sick. Soon after marriage your wife will have problems of blood infection. You will have white patches on your feet. You will have to bear losses if you are in a religious field. An institution may point you for slandering or stealing. You will have differences with your father or may be distanced from him. Your brother and sister in laws will create problems for you. If Venus gets bad you will become an addict and will suffer from diseases as well.
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