Venus In Second House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Second House– You will have an average and medium height and with a bulky body and broad forehead, fat necks, beautiful and attractive face big eyes and ears with wheatish complexion.

Nature – You will have a loving nature. You will be calm and composed. You will not like to take any legal help or measures. You will be a fun loving person and will always keep your closet organized at all times. You will love food and food will also be one of your weaknesses.

You will engage in love making with a lot of enthusiasm. You will love music and other sources of entertainment.

You will trust everyone easily. You will escape hard-work. You will be friendly, full of virtues, would not like to get engaged in any controversy and will always like to be in a peaceful environment.

Education and Career– you will study art for your education. You will be an expert in any work which requires finesse and accuracy. You will have a good memory. You will complete all your work happily. You will work at good position in an organization. You can also become a good orator.

You will be interested in engaging yourself in work related to luxurious items like electronics, cosmetics, decorative, perfumes, gems and jewelry and diamonds.

You may become a good actor, musician or film director.

If you engage in Venus related activities like farming, decorative or perfume related products, or have a shop of readymade garments it will turn out to be a profitable venture for you. You may also receive wealth from an unknown persons property will.

Family Life – Venus in the second house is supposed to give you all the luxuries of life. All your family members will have cordial relationship and will be sympathetic to each other. Venus in the second house will increases the chances of you having good relationship with all your family members whether it is your mother-father, brother-sister or any other relatives.

Because of Venus in the second house you will get ideal land and wife by the age of 32. There are chances of you receiving wealth from your wife or in-laws.

Health– Because of Venus in the second house you will keep getting health benefits on your own. If Venus starts giving inauspicious results you will remain disturbed. You will not be able to enjoy food. You may also have tooth ache. You may also have problems related to blood or veins. Because of your ill-health you may be feeble and thin.

Inauspicious – If Venus starts giving inauspicious results your married life will be ruined. Your wife will start having problems of seasonal secretion, stomach, abortion or problems related to blood-pressure.

You will be an alcoholic and will also get addicted to some drug or the other substance.

Besides gambling, you will have interest in securities/share market, lottery etc. But, most of the time instead of having profits you will suffer losses.

If you engage in business of gold or things related to Jupiter your financial position will get unstable.

Within a year of your marriage because of the inauspicious Venus it will have a bad impact on your father or father-in-law. It may either be financial or health related. Your earning will get a hit because of one of your close relatives.
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