Venus In Seventh House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Seventh House– Because of the Venus in your seventh house you will be a tall and attractive person. Either you or your wife would have long hair. You will be creative and a good actor. This attraction will lead you to having high degree of confidence and an attractive body as well.

Nature – There are chances that you may have a very quiet demeanor. You will be soft spoken. You will leave a lasting impression on people with your soft speech.

Because of Venus in the seventh house beautiful ladies will be attracted towards you and you will be surrounded by them. It is because of this reason that you may be perceived as characterless or womanizer.

You will be very benevolent at heart. You will bear all the troubles to give all the comforts of life to your family members. Others will reap the benefits of your hard work.

You will be a god loving person and will always speak the truth. You will respect the traditional culture with respect and dignity all your life. You will be a follower of religion but at the same time would have a modern approach to your thinking as well. You will be religious but will not believe in any orthodox and superstitious belief. You will respect all religion and castes.

Education and Career– Because of Venus in the seventh house you will have better scope of earning
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