Venus In Seventh House (Annual Predictions)

When Venus is positioned in Seventh house of annual chart, native gets whole hearted support from the wife in all works. One’s wife earns and co-operates with the native shoulder to shoulder. One’s profession will grow and bring prosperity day by day. New working plans are made and executed. There will be sweet relations between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Many successful business travels take place and partnership business flourishes in that year. The native works with zest & enthusiasm and succeeds in finding the path of progress. There will be change in residence. Court and legal matters might get settled in favor of native

If, Venus is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets, it becomes afflicted. One’s valor & creativity is affected. Native feels restless and grieved but gives happiness to others. Suspicion and doubts will take over him. One makes more than one love relations. There will be separation or distances from the wife. Enmity, difference of opinion and troubles from own near & dear ones will be faced. Futile travels & disputes in partnership business will also be faced in that year.

To ward off the malefic influences & enhance the goodness of Venus one must fallow these precautions & remedial measures.
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