Venus In Sixth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Fifth House– Because of Venus in your sixth house you will be tall. You will have a longish face, black hair and will love food.

Nature – You will be intelligent and a translator. You will criticize people who are odd and slow in their thinking and approach. You will know more than two languages. You will try to understand everything through a scientific angle or dimension. You will be self-conscious. You will quickly understand what the time demands.

No matter how many mistakes or silly things that would engage or do in your life god will always pull you out from all these problems.

You will not face any problems because of your enemies. You will win over all the big problems of your life.

Because of Venus in this house you will not waste your money for wrong or illicit work. You will end up over spending but most of this money will be spent on either luxurious items or things of comfort. You would like to lead a luxurious life. Because of the auspicious Venus you will always be successful.

Education and Career– you will work in an institution which will full of intellectuals. You will be wealthy with an automobile of your own. If you are born in a royal family you will spend all the wealth that you get as inheritance in donations to needy and poor.

If you engage in your own enterprise you will not have good returns from the same. You will be more successful in a job.

You can turn your frolic attitude in to serious one andincrease your ability to work.

Family Life –Venus in the sixth house is very good for your mother’s family. Your mother may have two or three sisters. You will receive a lot of material happiness from your mother’s sisters and brother.

Your wife will be very cooperative and will be from a well to do family. You may receive a lot of dowry in your marriage.

Among all your children your daughter will earn a lot of fame in her field of work.

Health– You may suffer from problems of throat, tongue, and tooth like pyorrhea, tonsils, urination, and urine infection. You may suffer from sex related diseases as well.

Inauspicious– If you do not respect and take proper care of your wife Venus will start giving inauspicious results. In such a situation you will not have harmony in your married life. It will also have an adverse impact on your mother. Your wife and mother will also have a disturbed relationship.

Because of the inauspicious impact there can also be a delay in having children or you can be bothered about your son for some reason or the other. There can be a lot of changes in your professional life as well.
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