Venus In Sixth House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Venus in sixth house of the annual chart brings spiritual enhancement in the native. One’s all follies and mistakes are being granted by God. There will be excellent earning especially by flattery of the ladies. One is blessed with the daughter. Social status is enhanced. Relatives, friends and colleagues provide their support which proves beneficial. Investments in business also bring profits. Enemies & competitors are defeated. Gains from in-Laws side are attained. There will be much good & happy news throughout the year, and financial status shall be stronger.

If Venus is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets sitting in sixth house, it will cast the following results. There may be lack of physical health; One’s spouse suffers physical ailments. Relations between husband & wife turn Sour. Frequent, confrontation and argument with subordinates will take place. Business will go in loss. One’s own kith & kin will deceive the native. In love matters one may face deceit in the hands of friends. The year may prove inauspicious for the sister.

To ward off the malefic influences & enhance the goodness of Venus one must fallow these precautions & remedial measures.
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