Venus In Tenth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the Tenth House – Since the Venus is in your tenth house you will be slim and tall. You will have very good teeth, long ears, shiny eyes, thin waste and long arms. In other words you will have an attractive body.

Nature– You will be an intelligent person and you will able to conclude and analyze on any given problems. Nobody will be able to beat you at discussions you will have a unique quality of impressing others. You may take suggestions from others but will never accept them as useful.

Although you may give an impression of being courageous and bold but you will not take any bold step or do anything courageous unless situations or any person demand the same from you.

You will very unstable at making decisions. You will not be able to take decision on even trivial matters. You will become angry very fast on slight instigation. You will be stubborn by nature.

Education and Career– You may be successful in any field However, you will be very successful as a doctor or in the field of fine arts. Unless you get trustworthy manager or employees you should not get in to business.

You will be very famous and attracted to fields like occult sciences and old Vedic philosophy. ( n”kZu”kkL=)Till the age of 32 yrs. it will be a period of making mistakes and difficult times. After that you will start climbing the ladder of success. The Age of 32-50 will be a golden period for you.

Family Life – You will not get too much of financial support from your parents. But you will be fortunate to get help and support from your brothers and colleagues. You will spend major portion of your life in a foreign land.

You will have a successful married life. You will get married quite late in your life. You will be inclined towards your in-laws. Still you will have a lot of arguments with your wife. But after all you will be at peace in the company of your wife itself. You will be fortunate to have capable and obedient children.

Health – From you looks you may appear fit and fine. But your internal body frame/structure will be weak from within therefore you can have health problem as well. You may suffer from severe coughing and breathing problems. You may also suffer from skin or blood infection as well. .

Inauspicious – If Venus is set up along with the enemy objects like earth and sight it will become inauspicious. Because of the inauspicious Venus you will be able to enjoy the wealth earned by you. However the wealth that you would receive from your father will not be of any use to you and just in case if you are not religious and you stand against religion all this wealth will vanish within no time. .

You will have to bear the wrath of your mother and father and you will not have good relationship with your brothers as well. It will not have a good impact on your family life as well. You would like to have extra-marital relation as well. And it is because of this that your wife will be snappish you would frequently have altercations with her. Your wife may suffer from mental or physical health problem as well.

Inauspicious Venus will not allow you to succeed in your own work and government litigations. You will have problems in your occupation and you will not succeed at work.
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