Venus In Third House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in the third house – Since venus is in your third house you will have a medium built to your body, with less hair, wide forehead, twinkling eyes and good teeth.

Nature- You will have a clean heart and would not keep malice for others. You will express your feeling about others freely without keeping anything in your heart. You do not believe in buttering others. You will engage in activities that you like. Because of this trait you may be unsuccessful and will also be subjected to resistance and rebukes of others.

You will not have appropriate behavioral skills. You will always consider yourself superior and like to give order and directions to others. You will face stiff competition and problems at every step that you take or initiate. Being overtly principled will always be harmful for you.

You would love to chit-chat and will also engage in gossiping and spreading rumors and you will also see a lot of up’s and downs in your life. You will never have favorable conditions prevailing all the time.

Though you would come across as arrogant to others but you will be clean at heart and can’t see physical pain and suffering of others.

Education and Career- You will not have good and bad times always in your life. Once you will be 33 yrs.old there will a shift/change in the sources from which you earn your livelihood and you will have competency for working on any given task.

You will reap good benefits by engaging into administrative services, business, and agriculture and micro enterprises activities. You can also make good money by engaging yourself in field of music, games and sports, advertising and restaurant business.

You can also become a good surgeon doctor or judge. You can also make money from tobacco, arms, taking up an agency, becoming a guide and by writing beautiful poetries.

Family Life - If you will get married at the age of 27 yrs you will lead a happy and prosperous life. Such planetary position will bring in a lot of luck in your married life. Your wife will be good at household chores and will manage and keep your house in order. Your wife will believe in saving money whereas you will spend more on buying luxurious decorative items for yourself and your house. Your family will always remain close to your heart. You will love your siblings but they will only be interested in the wealth that you have amassed.

Health – Though you would not be health conscious still you would not suffer from any major health ailment. You would suffer from tooth ache, sugar, body pain, mental tension, high fever, skin problem, malaria etc.

Inauspicious – Patience should be your key otherwise you would have to face a lot of problems because venus is in the inauspicious zone. You will not donate generously for religious causes.

You may not be happy in your married life. In such circumstances it will not have a good impact on your wife’s health. Your wife and mother will always have differences with each other. They will not have cordial relations. There are chances that you would have a step mother too.

From business point of view do not get in to a partnership with your wife’s relatives it will not only bring losses and in the most inauspicious circumstances will even run away with your money. You will have one problem after the other coming your way. You will engage in frivolous activities because of the inauspiciousness. You and your wife will have a laid back attitude towards life because of this inauspiciousness. You will not engage in hard-work in your life.
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