Venus In Third House (Annual Predictions)

The position of Venus in third house of annual chart brings creative ideas in native’s mind. One makes new plans and successfully accomplishes them. There will be many short travels with profits. New contacts and companions are made. The native will have special attachment with younger sister. One’s interest in political field is enhanced, oratory skills will be impressive. The native participates in religious works with great enthusiasm. One feels blessed by the divine power of Goddess. Native who has Venus in third house should have great respect for his wife.

If, Venus is either aspected or conjuncted with malefic planets its auspiciousness is reduced. The native feels lack of confidence, inactive and finds difficult to get success in any endeavour. Marital happiness gets affected. One’s brother, friends and near & dear ones have no more concern for the native. One may face separations. There may be clash with the high officials sometimes the situation gets so worse that the native has to face embarrassment socially. One’s wealth is destroyed by speculation, lottery and other short cut methods of making money.

To ward off the malefic influences & enhance the goodness of Venus one must fallow these precautions & remedial measures .
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