Venus In Twelfth House (Natal Chart Reading)

Venus in your twelfth house – If Venus falls in your twelfth house you will have a small height, and will be stout in stature but will be beautiful.

Nature– You will be a peace loving person. You will not like to take the legal road. You would not like to engage in any brawl or altercation with anyone. You will not be wicked.

You will be jolly natured, organized, and fun loving person. You would like to have your ward robe in order. In you would love to drinks as compared to food. You would have many love affairs. You would love music and all forms of entertainment.

You will not trust anybody easily. You will be friendly, full of life and a virtuous and trust worthy person.

Education and Career– You will be a learned person but, for some reason you will have a short interruption during your academic life. You can achieve and study whatever qualification that you desire. You would like to put in more mental effort as compared to physical effort. Therefore, you will succeed in any job that you undertake but you will always be inclined to opening up your enterprise. This will bring in a lot of instability.

You will not have very good income. You will be an ethical person.

You can become a poet, writer, artist, singer, dancer, or a photographer.

You can make good profits by engaging in activities like gambling, share trading and farming.

Family Life– There will be more members in your father’s relationship and will be pampered and liked by one and all.

Since Venus is in your eight house your wife will be somber with extremely calm temperament and she will help you sail through the thick and thin of difficult times in your life. In other words your wife will be good support structure in your life and will make good contributions towards your family’s well-being. Your wife will take very good care of the household chores. And your wife will be an earning member of your family.

You will love your family members and relatives because of the Venus in the twelfth house.

Health– You should protect yourself from black magic etc., these things can have a nasty impact on your health.

Inauspicious -Because of the inauspicious Venus you will become superstitious things and engage in activities related to occult (tantra and mantra) which will ruin your life.

If Venus is inauspicious you will become spend thrift and brawly and will also have a flirtatious nature. You will not care about yours or your family’s self-respect. You will start taking enjoying unethical relationship and will not be worthy of anybody’s trust.

You will spend all your income on alcohol or drugs. You would get in to the habit of leading a luxurious life and would like to have all luxury items and products. It is this passion of yours which will ruin your life. You will not have stable friends. You will also be disinterested in religious activities.
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