About Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab is one of the famous books in astrology. A forecast of the Red Book is vastly different from Vedic astrology. In this book, only houses are to be considered. Aries Ascendant or first house always stays in the red book, the second house Taurus, Gemini and third respectively, there is no change in the series ever. The process of making the horoscope of Lal Kitab is the same to some extent as the Vedic horoscope.

In Lal Kitab, sea (Samudrik) (palm) is considered to be the basis of astrology. Let us now learn how to build a horoscope in the red book. According to the traditional Vedic Astrology, below three elements are required to create (Paramparik Kundali):

1) Date of birth (Birth Date)

2) Date Time (Birth Time)

3) Place of birth (Birth Place)

In today’s stressful life of the people, Lal Kitab is a boon of God. Family matters, love, career and many other cases directly or indirectly affects the life of individuals. In other words, it is becoming difficult to imagine a peaceful life. But by following the remedies of Lal Kitab, you can get happiness and maintain a balance in your life. In recent days, the Red Book has been increasingly popular because of its specific measures, accurate predictions and fruitful results.

You can apply the measures of Red Book by following its rules; otherwise it will not benefit you. First of all, you must have faith in your mind to perform any measure of this book. In this manner, measures will prove to be beneficial for you.

Measures of Lal Kitab should be done during the day time.

If you are unable to execute the remedies, any blood relative can perform the remedy on your behalf and it will be result-oriented.

You can do only one solution in a day.

You should follow the recommended regimen like avoid drinking alcohol, eating meat, fish etc.

You should not perform any remedy for 40 days in case of child birth or death of someone at home.

The maximum time period of each measure is 43 days or 43 weeks or 43 months or 43 years. If the measure breaks in between, whether on 42nd day then all will be sterilized and you would have to start again.

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